Avante yeast dead after freezing for three years

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Sep 1, 2011
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Northern wisconsin
Recently i started some plum wine and some itasca white wine. I inoculated with Avante yeast. Both wines started out fermenting fine than stopped about halfway. eventually added Red Star yeast and got them going again. Yesterday i tried to start some Avante yeast in some warm sugar water and nothing happened, no fermentation at all. Ive had the yeast vacuum sealed and in the freezer for three years., I guess i should have read and followed the instructions for storing the Avante. Renaissance says to refrigerate; not freeze their yeast. Today i started some Maurivin yeast thats been in the freezer for a year and it started right up. I'm going to move it to my Fridge. On the positive side maybe my initial wild yeast ferment has added some interesting flavor to my wine. Thought i'd share for those thinking of freezing their yeast.

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