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Auto Floor Corker

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Ive seen this on Winepress or something very similiar to it. It looks awesome but know I wouldnt pay that much but I am limited and budget myself and this price will never fit my budget. Thanks for posting it for me Tom, I was just pming back and forth with him about this product
While it looks neat I don't see the real savings. The only effort this pneumatic tubing is doing is the LEVER DOWN and UP motion. You still have to place the bottle in the seat and place the cork in the hole and remove the bottle from the seat, which are the three most time consuming parts of the process.

I'll save my money and get a 'rather limited' workout. Portuguese corkers are awesome and really NO work to speak of.

Nice idea....but way too much work for such little payoff.
It really depends on how your set up is. Imagine sitting on a chair as I do and not having to get up after filling the bottle to cork it. I know it doesnt sound like much o an effort but when you have a lot of wine being bottled this set up would be very nice, The floor corker is great but I do have to stand up just to cork it. I just wish the price was maybe 1/2!
Ah, I'm spoiled. We bottle together. She fills, I cork. I'm standing the whole time, she's seated the whole time.

The system has it's merits, just doesn't suit our needs I guess.
Yeah - it is pretty slick idea - but i am also on a budge and i don't see myself paying that much - at least not at this point. I bought a Portuguese Floor Corker this year for - got a pretty good deal - $50 - and for $450 - i can push the lever myself.
That kit doesnt include the corker or the air compressor needed to operate it.
Great feed back - Thanks

Thanks for the input!! I want to thanks all those who commented. I defiantly intend to try and get the price down when I can. Really I just put it out because I wanted something in-between the floor corker and the Big Red. I cant see paying 2000 for that big red machine when this does what I was looking for.

Just out of curiosity what would you all in your experience pay for such a kit?

My wife doesn’t get into the bottling so I’m usually getting the bottle from the tree filling then bending over and corking then bending over to put the bottle back on the counter.

Thanks for the input!!
Not to insult you but Id only go as high as maybe $220. I know this costed a lot to get set up but trying to make all your money back in around 10 units is asking for failure, get it cheaper and youll make your money back and then some and most likely keep selling them and make a fortune. Remember, volume is where you want to be right along with quality.
No problem

Yea I guess thats why you dont see kits like this as the parts alone are over 220. Just the parts so I guess its a smaller market say someone looking at the next level and not able to justify the thousand(s) dollar level.
Where are you getting these parts, the actuators and pistons can be bought on McMaster Carr for about $60 with shipping, the bolts are probably about $5, what is the cost of the metal with being cut without the set up price?

Your about right,
The cylinder & clevis is 55
The 5 way momentary valve is 31
The rest of the smaller items total about 20 (Speed contoller on arms return is like $5 which seems high)
The metal is $100 per order.. If I were to order a good number it would go down im sure. add in some internal shipping and your at roughly 220

So starting out its not bad to have 100% mark up, if you've ever bought a bottle of wine with dinner you've paid 100-200 or more %.

I agree I think i could get my supplier lower on the steel but with a substantial order but one(s) and two(s) thats the price .. No setup as you have mentioned.

Thats why its interesting to see what people would pay for this setup. How could anyone justify paying $2200 for this capability for between 220 and 500?
For that much

Jeese, for that much money I could hire a neighborhood teenager to work the corker while I sit to load bottles and corks and still have a lot of money left over to buy more grapes and juice.

If the "stooping" bothers you ... the Italian floor corker has a table top version for just about 100 bucks ... no stooping (although you still have to work the lever.
I have a Portuguese corker and can do the entire process from a seated position. It doesn't take a huge pull of the lever to seat the cork.
Working on pricing!

Wade you'll be happy to know we are getting closer. I got my metal guy to come down well on my cost so looks like I'll get the price down to around $230-250. I'll let you know when I can drop the $$ on my site :)
That a much better de3al and I feel that at that price people will pay for the "toys" What PSI does this require and would somepne need a regulator inline to use this?

Wade, I was just testing my first shipped control box and the PSI I used was right about 100 to cork the bottle filled with water. You'll be happy to know the first kit is on its way to Vietnam, yea supprised me too, I hope they send me a bottle of wine!
Ah, I'm spoiled. We bottle together. She fills, I cork. I'm standing the whole time, she's seated the whole time.

The system has it's merits, just doesn't suit our needs I guess.

That's how me and Kat spend bottling day. Teamwork is great :D
Vietnam!!!!!!!! Wow, what the heck was the shipping cost on that???????? So what is the final cost now that you said you hav gotten it down more from the steel man? Glad you have gotten one in the box.

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