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Aug 9, 2016
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Making a quick batch of apple wine to age around a year. The recipe I found requires you to wait 12 hours after adding the sugar, ascorbic acid, wine tannin, acid blend,yeast nutrient and campden tablet, to add the pectic enzyme. Then requires another 12 hours to add yeast. 'My question Is can I just add the pectic enzyme and yeast now or should I wait with this type of wine? It's been roughly 5 hours after the first step.
Wonder why the recipe calls for waiting with the pectic enzyme? Apples are so rich in pectin I would think you would want PE in there right away to start breaking down the pectin. Ah well. Maybe someone wit more experience with apple wine can inform us all about the why.
Yes, get the pectic enzyme in early. Wait the 12 hours to pitch the yeast. One year MINIMUM of aging. Enough patience and you will require NO fining agents.
To start my apple wine I put everything in up front except the yeast. I wait ~24 hours before pitching the yeast.
Never did see what your apple source was for this - Commercial Apple Juice (Prepared for drinking un-fermented, Apple juice prepared specifically for wine making, Home Pressed apples??

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