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Sep 28, 2009
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Hey, I'm a few batches into being a beginner, and I want to try and expand my horizons a bit. I read in my book about apple mint wine, and I was wondering if anyone had tried this before. It sounds really good, and I saw that they make it in North Dakota. I'd like to try some for myself, but I've never heard of apple mint.... do I need to make a batch of apple wine and a batch of mint wine and blend them together??? Any suggestions would be FANTASTIC! THANKS!


I just was looking at this recipe about mint wine. Sorry no help. There is a new thread in here about a lime/mint, both sound great, but I have to wonder when using any kind of "leaf", do you need to dry them first and seep them like tea? I wonder if there are and ad/disadvantages either way.

I think Allie was talking about mint once, hopefully she may be able to add something. Keep us posted, curious to see how this works out for you.