Anyone here use a Mac?

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Jun 20, 2005
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Well, I broke down and finally bought a Mac. My Dell crashed and burned AGAIN the other night. I am so tired of PC crashes and failures. I had been researching Macs for a while and my buddy I brew with said he was going to get one yesterday.

Well, we happened to be in Baton Rouge last night at the big mall and the Wife needed a new charger for her iPhone since the young one lost hers for her. We have an Apple store and went in. I was playing around with the MacBooks while we were in there and the Wife said quit drooling and just get one. So I did.

So, anyone here use a Mac? Care to share some tips and tricks? Any good sites to get good software? So far I am extremely pleased. It is nice to have a screaming fast machine. Only issue I have had so far is trying to print on my wireless home network. Seems Mac recognizes almost every HP printer wireless except the one I have. I am sure I will find a work around though. It is a bit if a learning curve buy I am catching on real quick.
I do.

The Apple website has a bunch of great tutorials that you might want to check out. Search for "Switch 101" for a really good resource. I'd give you the link, but my forum newbieness has prevented me from posting the direct link.

I really like the Mac's look and process flow. The only thing I don't particularly like is how the files/folders work, but I don't like how Windows does it either.
i used to prefer Mac over windows during my college days. i was majorly into designing (graphics)... but after college i shifted full time to love of my life and that is 'Wines' but now i am totally dependant on Windows.. i think going back again to Mac will be a little problematic for me

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