Any other thrifty wine makers out there?

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Whether it tastes better or not is certainly opinion, but I enjoy drinking it WAY more. It is also teaching me a lot about wine that I never cared to know. I used to be red/white like/don't like. Now, I am making better kits and going back to taste my originals and thinking I'm not going to make those kits any more.

Although I'm a numbers guy and I enjoy telling people I'm making wine for under $3 a bottle, I also prefer my wine over any other. At supper the other night I ordered a caffeine free drink and my wife wondered why I didn't order a glass of wine with my Italian meal? "I like my own wine better". Part of the truth is I didn't feel like drinking any booze that night but also I prefer my own wine.
Anyone else keep track of how much per bottle the homemade wine is costing as part of the hobby?

It's pretty much all I care about :)

Got it down to 80p a bottle. Not even got around to tasting it yet though. Total beginner.


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