Aleppo Pepper Wine - I'm going for it!

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Jan 14, 2022
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Hocking Hills, OH
An incredibly delicious and complex pepper from Syria. Third year growing, very productive plant. I usually dehydrate and use it quite a bit and definitely whenever a recipe calls for red pepper flakes. The layers of flavor will transform any dish more than you can imagine. Hotter than a jalapeno, topping out around 20,000 on the Scoville scale.

It's normally used dry so I was curious how fresh would taste for wine. As with my other pepper wines, I simmered for a while, hoping to extract as much color as possible. And tasting early there was considerable heat and I thought there was a likelihood this would become a cooking wine.

aleppo 1.jpg aleppo 2.jpg

Transferred this morning.
Good color extraction. Hint of pepper aroma. But the flavor is confusing - confusing in that it starts out very fruity and then dances around nutty and smoky and then other wonderful flavors that go by too fast to identify. And the heat is perplexing. It builds VERY slowly. I didn't detect any heat at all until my third taste. And the peak was nowhere near the heat of the fresh pepper. Medium heat at best. I could use it for cooking, sure, but this will be a sipping wine. Very happy.
Yes, it's absolutely delicious!

aleppo 3.jpg

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