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Jun 30, 2010
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I was wondering if anyone has made wine from agave necter, I started a batch not too long ago, it is mostly done fermenting now. I tried some and its really good, its very light, but I used light necter. I'm going to start another batch with a darker nectar and then I'll probablle even give this darker stuff a try after, it's really dark Sunfood Nutrition Agave Nectar

I put all the info from the first batch on here: Making Agave Wine
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Did you use a base juice or fruit? It seems like Agave nectar by it's self would produce a pretty flavorless wine. What yeast did you use?
I made agave wine once with dark nectar. It's the only batch I ever dumped. There was no complexity to speak of.
I'm new to all this, I had a high starting gravity so I used a strong yeast Lavin EC-1118. I used the nectar. All the details are on my site under Making Agave wine How does this batch look?
That's a high starting SG, you might get that Tequila burn :ib

Here's an idea for the worm at the bottom:
Seth has these experimental fermentations going (milk wine, Kilju, etc.) and we had been talking about the Army Worm Wine in another thread.

Hadn't seen the video, and i am ashamed of myself for that as i google any/everything. :slp
Wow, why would you make army worm wine? has anyone ever tasted it?
I'm not sure I would.
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