Adjusting pH and ta?

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Jan 19, 2017
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Okay I want to see if I am in the right track.
288lbs Malbec grapes crushed last night.

28 gallons of must=18.2 gallons finished wine.

Just tested pH and TA.

PH = 3.78
TA = .5%

Going to add 207.48 grams of tartaric acid (3.8 grams per gallon per .1%) target .8% TA this will bring down the PH.

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Your calculations look correct, but I think you're being a little aggressive. How sure are you of the TA? Did you blend up some of the skins and juice and strain before taking readings? Like most have said here before, you might want to add half of that and see where it goes. I typically will pull off a 5gal pail and make a trial adjustment with that before adjusting the remainder of the batch.
Tested the ph and ta twice. Yes i blended then strained the sample.

How long after making the acid addition should I wait to test the pH and ta again?
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