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Feb 28, 2009
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You guys are gonna think Im nuts now, I was just having a scout around for measurements on how much sorbate to add to my wine when I came across a thread saying how much k-meta to add as well.

I was told by the local shop to add 1/4 teaspoonto 1 gallon of wine (I think he thought I had 5 gallons!) and I think it was 1 t of sorbate per gallon but I wasnt sure. I cant find where they wrote it down hence being on here searching.

So anyway a thread on here says 1/4 teaspoon for 5 gallons so Im freaking now as I added 1 and 1/4 teaspoons k-meta to my 5 gallon batch and 1/4 t to my 1 gallon batches (Have added 5 campden tablets prior to the 5 gallon ones but thought I was being clever now I think not!) have I over done it????? Please dont say I have ruined these wines.....oh the pain!?!?:m
Can I save them or forget it and tip them now?
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This probably isn't very helpful, but I've seen it both ways and was also confused. If it's still in the gallon jug, wait a week and take a sip.
Yikes Coll, I was learned in here 1/4 tsp KMeta per 5 gallons, at least during the primary. It may be different for stabilizing but that sounds like a lot. I hope someone can advise further. It definitely won't spoil! Don't panic, the troops are on the way!:D
:( I found the note the guy wrote for me and it definitely says 1/4 teaspoon of k-meta = 1 campden tablet. its just damn lucky I have been using the tablets until now.
I have added it to a 5 gallon batch and 2 x 1 gallon batches. Had a surf a-round on here to see what others said but didnt come up with much so eagerly waiting for some help. I did open them all up and sniff, there doesnt appear to be any noticable sulphite smell, but maybe that comes later.

I cant beleive I did this. :c
a 1/4 ( 1 gram) teaspoon of sorbate and a campden tablet per gallon is what I have written down.. cross referenced it with another book and all say the same dosage. Also says to add campden tablet before sorbate to avoid a geranium smell developing in your wine.

1/4 tsp of k-meta per gallon is way too much. Im sure youll be able o taste that! This is why everyone should have a sulfite tester but I guess its too late for that! My wine flag is at 1/2 staff! :s
So youre saying there is no going back then?

Allie, its the sulphite I stuffed up on not the sorbate.
Its an awful lot, I think if it tastes bad which i believe it will the only way to salvage it would be to make a lot of wine and add that silfited wine to unsulfited new batch.
Thanks for that link too Troy, wont be making this mistake agin!

What are thoughts on mixing this over dosed batch with one that has not had any sulphite added as yet? Or should I just dump it?
Opps didnt see your post Wade, so snap!!! Yip will look at doing that.
Ok Allie and i have gone over this and come up with the idea of bottling it all and making 1 gallon batches of appropriate wines like apple and adding one bottle of over sulphited wine to each gallon bacth and seeing if that works, I have enough bottles to leave it in a corner and ignore until such time and hey if it fails on one bacth then I can biff it then.
Geez Coll, don't know what your making, or how much time and money you have invested, al may not be lost. But if you don't think you can salvage it then spend the energy you would use to try to reclaim a mess and put that energy into something new. Something good is sure to come of it.:p

Standing by the flag,
:b Troy, appreciate the support!
I guess for me Im time poor so Ill hate to see all that effort wasted when it could have been spent on something else. Im not one to dwell on such things and have my solution which may or may not work....Im happy either way, cant turn back the time so onwards and upwards! Ive learnt a valuable lesson now so wont be making that mistake again! :h
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