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Apr 22, 2009
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Hi everyone,

I started a batch of mango/ banana in Feb. This is the recipe:

2 litres of 100% juice blend of mango puree and apple/pear/orange
2 cups of pure mango puree
4 bananas (boiled, and I used the water only)
2 tsp acid blend
1 tsp pectic enzyme
1 tsp yeast nutrient
sugar to make the final SG to 1.085
Top off with enough water to make 1 gallon
Yeast - 1118

It clearly SO quickly, it looks ready to bottle. It doesn't have a lot of flavor though. It's doesn't taste like anything, and has no color at all.
Did I add enough fruit? Any suggestions on what I can add to bump up the taste?
I perfer to have it taste a little like mango, over banana.
Have you sweetened it already? If not you could add a juice concentrate back in for the fruit flavors you want.
I've done banana and mango wines and there are no substitutes for using fresh fruits, the juices do not provide the same flavors and aromas. Is hard to transfer the fruit flavors to a finish banana wine, I' don't boil the fruit instead I use the blender to puree the bananas to be later fermented, the wine takes a while to clear but the flavor is more intense and better in my opinion. Save your wine and use it for blending or topping off.
Have you sweetened it already? If not you could add a juice concentrate back in for the fruit flavors you want.

No, I haven't sweetened it yet. Maybe I'll run a few mangos through the juicer and use that, will that work? The mango juice that I used initially is very pulpy, I'd rather use something that's a bit clearer.
Using banana gravy

Valdelocc is right on as regards flavour. I have used banana juice or gravy in my wines for goodness knows how many years ( I date from way back last century, CJJ Berry's era ) but don't I use it for flavour. I find that my wine seems to clear a lot quicker that way. Mind you I don't boil the skins, just the fruit. The boiled juice from one or two adds hardly any sugar so I just think of it as a sort of finings added at the start. That's probably why your wine is clearing so fast.
Having said all that, mostly I can't taste it in the finished wine but my wife can. She's a bit of a super taster compared to myself.
Give it a bit of time to see how the flavour develops, then if necessary do as Torch suggests, find a clear juice or concentrate that suits your taste and add it as an F-pac. I'm sure you'll end up with a wine to be proud of.

Regards to all, Winemanden. :db

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