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I presented this to my wine club today. Feel free to use it.
I wanted to get a reaction before I posted it here. All was positive. (you really don't want to know how many bottles were brought for tasting... :d) LOL !
And NO pictures.. :-(
Youre right, I dont want to know how many were brought but I do want to now how many were emptied! :)
OH! thats easy ALL of them.. BUT I didn't count them as I stoped at 25. Then I gave up and drove home.. :d
A great Power Point presentation, Tom!

While there's a great deal of information, you've really put it in a concise and meaningful format.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Thanks, :e
I like to share. Look around in this forum for mor "stuff" from me.
Your welcome.
If any one else has something to share please PM one of the Mods.
Attached is a Power Point on Acid Ph and SO2.
Enjoy. I used this in my wine club meeting.

Tom - I just got around to this. Excellent presentation. Thanks for sharing!
Tom, your Power Point on Acid Ph and SO2 is excellent, I can see that a lot of work went into it. It is very informative. It did generate a question in the statement below;

“Overall, wine pH will be lower when the titratable acid is higher which is normal in grapes. However, high acid does not always produce low pH values based on the type of acid present.”

Does this mean that if my wine with a pH of 3.1 tastes acidic, raising the pH to 3.6 may not affect the actual acidity or the acidic taste? I use a pH meter.

Rich L.
Could be. It also depends on what kind of acid.
BTW 2nd Sunday in January you are invited to my Wine Club Meeting in Sicklerville if you are free.
Tom, I enjoyed the Ph power point presentation....until now I have relied on ph strips...just purchased a ph question is..can ph be adjusted during or after fermentation? thanks
Thank you Tom!
Such good info here on the forum thanks to the efforts of the members :)

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FYI the Wine Profiles was from me also.. If you look there are alot of PDF's or "stickies" with added info
I am learning bunches now that I'm doing a glossary for this site if allowed. Much of that made sense to me. (Duh) Excellent job.

That and other things similar, should be given it's own topic. I believe it would help many.

I have noticed since I've been on here there are many repetitive questions posted. I think some of them could be reduced/eliminated if we provided a library (so to speak) of wine making topics and explanations.

Great work! BTW
Ck out all the PDF's and stickies as there is a ton I uploaded as did others.