Accidental vinegar - but this is success pulled from the jaws of a mini disaster

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Dec 27, 2011
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Saratoga Springs
A year ago I made a small batch of semi sweet pomegranate bochet (caramelized honey mead). This was nothing "great" but it was ok (the pomegranate overpowered the honey: lesson learned this is a mead not a wine - use less pomegranate per gallon , perhaps 1 pint to 7 pints water).

A couple of weeks ago I was in my "wine cellar" (a space in my basement where I stack my wine) bottles and I found a cork half way across the floor. Looked over the racks and found the culprit. There was perhaps half a pint left in the bottle. Had no idea when the bottle corked. I tasted the wine and it was really sour. Vinegar. I poured the wine into a sanitized mason jar and put it in our kitchen pantry. I looked at it this morning and lo and behold there is a mother sitting towards the bottom... I now have a starter for making vinegar. I am excited. But little things give me pleasure..:db
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