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Apr 1, 2009
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Has anyone tried the 7-Day accelerator from Wine Kitz?
I read the instructions. Sounds interesting.
I'm only on my first wine, but 13 years of making beer and mead has taught me that patience always pays off when crafting alcoholic beverages.

They do seem to suggest the lighter, more fruity wines, which to me suggests those heavier flavors hide the flaws that the accelerator surely brings out.
I started a 7day kit yesturday called Cellar 7 its put together by a British company called Youngs Brewery. Although I think it will leave it longer.

I cant post a link as of yet, im only a newbie. Its pretty easy to find tho.
i was wondering if anyone has tried it also I think I know someone who uses it but not sure because they have wine ready really soon .
Works very well.

I sell this 7-day accelerator pack at rate of a couple a day. I now have "several" clients that will only make their kits in this fashion. My only regret is that I cannot offer non-believers a sample of the same wine made with & w/o the acc. pack. It's a great way to save time and effort. There are at least two BOP stores in Canada that use them to a great extent. With great success. The proof is in the pudding. There are many people who "think" they know how to make wine, only do so from fruit and think kit wines aren't wine at all. Give it a try and then let's hear your opinion. The approval rating among my clients is 99% + for wines made with the accelerator pack. This is real-life empirical evidence.

I know I'm biased but it's not like the majority of the people on this forum live nearby and will come by my store tomorrow.

Wow...I now know two Calgary retailers named Steve. I knew that I should have opened a store in Calgary.

I believe that the Wine Kitz in Ancaster ON uses them for most (all?) kits made on premises. And there is a store here in Welland that advertises 7 day wine.

Do they use them on regular wine or on wines like the mist wines ? The guy at our atore said he had one person tell him it ruined his wine so he didn't try it himself .But personally I would only try it if I needed a wine in a big hurry like for a party or something like that but then I would be worried it didn't turn out .
Welcome aboard WKC. Thanks for the info. I dont see myself needing this but I could see many new winemakers wanting this to get their wine done faster so that they can start their next kit, this way they can get ahead of the game and actually start "the cellar"
Can somebody explain how this accelerator works? I'm open to experimenting and would love to hear the science behind it.
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To NSwiner:
I generally recommend it to my clients for 4-5 week kits only but I've tried it on a premium 8-week white kit and it was excellent. The owner I know with two Wine Kitz BOP stores uses them on every type of kit. From light 4-wk kits up to the best 8-wk kit that Wine Kitz has to offer.

The science is fairly simple: It contains a yeast with a higher tolerance to temperature and a good addition of yeast nutrients. You are told to bring the must up to 30-35 degrees Celsius. The heat + the nutrients turbo charge the fermentation and voila!

Some people might balk at that temperature so I'll quote a line from my WSET Level 2 Certificate (in wines and spirits) Study guide. Quote: [Red Wines: crush, ferment(25-30 degrees C), extract colour and tannin, press]
In all fairness, they mention whites ferment at (15-20 degrees C)
So it could be argued that it's too hot for whites but I've had great success. In fact, I think it works better with whites than reds because less aging is generally needed with whites anyway.


Can somebody explain how this accelerator works? I'm open to experimenting and would love to hear the science behind it.
Shorts cuts and quick fixes are not always the best. No patience!
By any chance does this stuff make the wine glow?
I totally agree. I would never suggest an accelerator pack is the best way to make a kit. My point is that it's an ok way to make a kit. Many people love to use it because it also saves work in addition to time.

As for glowing. I think HO is working on that right now. We're going to market it as a great way to make a New Years Eve beverage. Imagine a room full of people with glowing glasses. It'll sell like hotcakes.


Shorts cuts and quick fixes are not always the best. No patience!
By any chance does this stuff make the wine glow?
Wow, those are high temps!!!!!!!!! You may get better color and tannin extraction out of those temps but you will be sacrificing aroma and fruity flavors. Ive read in every article just about ever written not to exceed 85* with reds and 64-68* for whites.
Accelerator pack and kit wines

Use accelerator pack in all my wines.... which are only large kits of 17 / 18 litres. Typically special selection kits / limited release kits. After many dozen kits... there is no other way I would make them!

My method... if oak is involved... use warm water to make a "tea" to provide more oak exposure / taste. Make the wine according to Accelerator pack instructions... but tend to leave in primary for an extra day or two. Rack into carboy and bulk store in wineroom for 4 - 5 months. Rack, filter, add a bit more metabisulfate and bottle. Drink nothing before 1 year old or more.

Results.... have won several wine competitions / no complaints for those who "don't drink" kit wine / excellent selection of prime wines!
Yeah, NSwiner,

That is pretty much my feelings. My first thought was wondering how well it would work on a simple mist kit. That's about the only place I would be willing to try it.
Hi, Guys I am new for this forum. I am unknown for accelerator. Describe it in brief for all and me also.:se