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Jan 13, 2009
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First off thanks to those who have helped with my previous questions, it's really helped me get a grasp on things. My only other question is below:

I chose a fariley simple recipe out of a book i received for xmas, it's a dry apple wine which uses apple juice.

As we speak for the past 3 days i have sitting in my 60 degree basement a bucket with a tight lid and airlock on it filled with the following:

apple juice
pectic enzyme
sugar (which i just poured in, almost disolved but not quite yet, next time i will boil the sugar and ad it that way)
citric acid
campden talets

My question is, is it alright that this mixture sits for another 4-5 days?

I orederd a brew belt and will have it here soon, i just don't want to do the yeast starter and add it to the bucket yet, until i get the brew belt and can warm up the contents of the bucket to a temp where the yeast can thrive. I'm just not sure if the contents of the bucket will go bad in this time or what? I'm guessing it should be fine, but figured i would ask. I did stick my fingers in twice to pull out the floating thermometer so i'm guessing i should throw some more camden tablets in a couple days before i but the yeast starter in just to be safe.

Thanks again for all of your help.
I would not add more campden as a percentage of that sulfite stays in the wine and too much will not let the yeast live. Im not sure the must sitting at that temp for that long and then waiting for it to start fermenting on top of that time is a very good idea. How bout putting it in a tub of warm bath water surrounding your primary for now until you get the bely=t and youll be able to start it now.

Ok, I have to see what i can find today, i may have some sort of tub or plastic storage unit i could fill with warm water. Just hope my Belt comes in soon, but if you think it's a better idea to start it now, i'll do that tonight. Thanks again for the help.

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