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Jun 1, 2021
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First off ,

hello everyone ....this is my first post as i am new to this board . I have several young vines that i am having trouble identifying and was wondering if i posted some pictures , could you folks ID them ? They have no fruit , some are in soil & some are in pots .

let me give you the back story :

Last year about this time a found a man selling young vines locally , I purchased them and planted them in my new vineyard . This year I went back to see that nice Italian fellow again & as luck would have it ......he had more young vines to sell . The only problem was his labeling ( magic marker ) had washed off during the winter . I purchased a bunch very reasonably and now trying to figure out what they are is the tricky part .

I know little about grapes & even less about wine but erected 300’ of trellis and am fixing to learn . I do however have the names of the previous vines he sold me last year written down on the inside of a cupboard door at home ( im at work now ) and i will post those names later tomorrow .

This italian fellow had a few acres of beautiful vineyard at his home & was more excited to meet a newbie such as myself trying to grow than i was to find vines locally . Hell of a nice guy , lots of good info too

Back to the point .... is it worth while to post pics of young vines in hopes of a skilled eye or 2 identifying them ?

Moreover , perhaps recommend a book that would aid me in my quest

best regards

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I would suggest visiting your friends vineyard and identify his grapes first and then compare to what you are growing. usually leaf identification will work but in some cases you might need to get some grapes to harvest before final id. Your friend can also visit to help identify what he sold you.
Like Salcoco, i would suggest visiting your new friends vineyard first. If you can take photos of vines and leaves connected to names, then you have somewhere to start. Now and in harvest would be great. Plus, seeing what your friend grows limits the options. French, Italian, Spanish or German types, no need to look for them if he doesn't have them.