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Dutch Winemaker
Nov 5, 2006
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I do not want to let you out on this great secret I beverage I have been making each year for about 4 years now. Each year I make more and each year I get requests from people to make it for them.

If you stroll round the countryside you will certainly be attracted by the smell
of the elderberry blossom. It is really sweet with a citric fresh accent.
One you have smelled it you know what I mean and you are hooked.

Now I have found a way to preserve that smell for the whole year. I make a syrup
from the blossom.

Here is the recipe (which by the way I got from a nun, that's why the title a heavenly syrup).
I know you can't read dutch but look at my web-log for pictures of my first batch of this year (I am planning on making a few more, but the blossoming has just begun).

Pick as many blossom shields as you can find or are willing to use.
Remember each blossom picked is a lot of berries less in the autumn :mad:

At home just pick the tiny flowers from the shields.
It is a tedious but rewarding work. You can however cut them with
scissors if manually picking is to slow for you.

Now put the blossoms in a car-boy and add the following ingredients:

For each 10 blossom shields add 1 liter water, and 1 lemon.
The more blossom you put in the better it will be, but 10 per liter is the absolute minimum.
Put a lid on the carboy or a piece of cloth with a bungee.
Now shake well 3 times a day for 3 days. Shake well so that the water will mix thoroughly with the blossoms.

After 3 days put the juice through a nylon stocking to get the blossoms en lemon out of the juice.

Now add for each liter of fluid 1 kilo sugar and a bag of vanilla sugar and put it
to boil for about 5 minutes.

Pour it hot in bottles and you can keep it for more as a year outside the fridge.

Now we have a truly delicious drink. Just put some in a glass and add water and ice cubes and you have a really refreshing summer drink.

I have used this syrup for many things:
- as a refreshing summer drink
- to sweeten up a dry white wine (in the glass at table)
- to sweeten up a dry wine in the carboy
- to make ice cream with it
- to use as icecream topping
- to mix through yogurt as a desert
- to mix it with vanilla ice and milk and make a milkshake.

The best is yet to come:

As this is syrup it will last a long time so you can make elderflower
wine from it whenever you want.....

I know there is at last one person on this forum which is really interested
(aren't you Bob).

Enjoy guys and girls.