2020 Marquette vintage just went down the drain

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Sep 1, 2011
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Northern wisconsin
I was looking things over in my little winery and opened a bottle from 2020. Unfortunately the wine smelled very vinegary and was a strange reddish orange color. Ended up dumping about two dozen bottles. So, I must have had too much oxygen exposure and too little so2. My starsan was probably not effective as well as I never checked the ph to see if was still good.
M Y 2021 vintage is still good, nice garnet color, good flavor, but still too much acid and not enough tannin. I’m hoping to correct everything with this year’s vintage. Marquette is a tough grape to work with.
Last nite I kept thinking about this, I thought maybe the poly seal caps I use were not keeping out oxygen so i opened a 2019 which is when I started using the caps and it had good color and was very good no vinegar. So my 2020 vintage reflects poor winemaking on my part.
Boy, sorry to hear about this!😢 So much work to make and then to see it go to waste! I am finishing up primary on two batches of wine this week. I have 5 gal of Marquette that I just put into a glass carboy with some malolactic bacteria. I’m hoping to increase PH for the next two weeks until I leave for AZ. I’m going to treat with SO2 right before I leave. I know MLF takes longer than that, but I‘m hoping to get some benefit from it. I also have 3 gal of Frontenac, same process.

Then today I’m going to rack off what I’m hoping will be another 5 gal of Petite Pearl and maybe 2-3 gal of Marquette picked a few days later than my first batch. This is my first year of getting a significant amount of grapes off my vineyard and it was way more than I expected. I wasn’t really prepared with enough primary fermentors and I had to use 4 5-gal buckets for this last batch. I’m hoping that doesn’t cause a problem. I will also treat with malolactic bacteria after I rack to see if I can get some ph improvement with a final SO2 treatment around 10/27.

This whole year has been one big experiment, but I’m hoping I at least get some drinkable wine! If not, I’ll be throwing away a lot of wine next spring!
I coinoculated my mlb on 9/19 and tested yesterday, the MLF is done. I would imagine your MLF will be half done by 10/27 if you keep the wine warm. I reviewed my notes for 2020, I added too much potassium bicarbonate and then added too much tartaric acid to try to correct and then had to add more potassium bicarbonate. I also added too much so2 and mlf didn’t complete soi really screwed it up. 2021 was better and 2022 is even better. Good luck.

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