20 Acre Land in Lake Count for LEASE

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Feb 10, 2017
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I Have a 20 Acre lot in Lake County located in Smith Lane in Kelseyville, CA.

The Lot has access to water and is fully fenced. This land was originally purchased about 15 years ago, however, due to resources and bad timing in the economy, we were never able to go into the second stage for grape growing.

The lot is mainly flat and clear or any large obstacles. It has been cleaned up from time to time to maintain it in case the opportunity to go into business every arrived.

We are now looking for any potential grape growers or wineries who would be interested in leasing the land. As this land has not been planted on for so many years, we believe it provides the perfect situation for any grower or winery looking to grow grapes in Lake County.

Any interested parties can contact me via this group or by reaching to me on my mobile or email. The Information is Below


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