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  1. K

    Time to dump? Moldy?

    Wondering is there is any way to salvage these batches? They've been in secondary fermintation for a while, the longest around 2 years. Racked every 6ish months, but now looks to have growth on the surface. It looks like 3 separate kinds, but are they all spoiled?
  2. J

    Help! White mold layer on wine

    This morning I saw by coincidence that there is a layer of mold on my wine. Not sure how long it has been there, but can't be more than a week. Also the fluid in the airlock seems infected. Not sure how clear it is from the picture, but there is a whiteish thing floathing in there. Also there...
  3. oliver

    White stuff on my wine? Spoiled?

    Hello, im doing my first batch of wine this year. everything went fine during Fermentation and MLF. After MLF finnished i racked the wine into a carboy and put some KMeta in. now there is some white stuff on top? What is this? Its barely visible without Flash. Also sinc i put the carboy in my...
  4. peter.povy

    Green fungi during red wine fermentation

    Hello, I'm tring to make my first red wine. Now it's the second week of fermentation and when I made a small control of the wine I noticed a few, small (2-4mm), green color particles. Is this a mold contamination? Smell of the wine is fine. What should I do now? Thank you Peter
  5. TikiWine

    Mold in varboy

    I found a couple mold spots at the bottom of my carboy when I went to clean it. Is it ruined or can I rense with bleach?
  6. P

    What is growing in my bottles after 4 months?

    First time making wine from juice. I racked it twice and it was clear in bottling day. All of my equipment was sanitized with starsan, but I just noticed today that it has these globs floating in it. Any idea what this could be or what went wrong? Thanks in advance.
  7. Vspiker22

    Sangria 5 gallon kit wine

    Help! I sanitized everything and prepared my wine as the directions stated. I left my wine for2 days after I sprinkled the yeast on top [which I had forgotten to activate first] and now has mold spots/ flowers. How can I salvage it? I don't think it even started fermenting!
  8. ringmany

    Is this mold growing on my wine?

    Hi everyone, I've been bulk aging my 'Cellar Craft Amarone' wine kit for 6 months. I've been abroad for 4 months and have only been able to check on it now. I've noticed that there's a light pink substance on top of the wine itself and I'm uncertain if it's mold or simply bits of old grape...
  9. ringmany

    Is it safe to develop mold on purpose for wine?

    Hi everyone, I've been following a recipe for making Sloe berry wine via BrewBitz. One of the suggestions is to basically add several lbs of sloe berries, boiling water, then leave it in a warm room for around 2 months. A thick, green mold forms on the top of the fermenter, which you then...
  10. ringmany

    Wine corks have mold and are dried out

    Hi everyone, I've been making wine for a little while now. Had some wine in storage for a few months. I cork my wines and also started using shrink caps. I opened a bottle of wine around a month ago and there was some grey stuff growing around the cork and it was quite dry when opening. I just...
  11. JCBurg

    I have a white ring...

    So I have two gallons of the same batch of grapefruit wine. One has developed a peculiar white ring at the top of the wine where it terminates in the neck of the jug. Anyone seen this before? Should I be concerned with it? Is it just some residual fermentation? I ask because the other is clear...
  12. oversight

    Moldy Fermetor -Super Bleach, Super KMeta

    Well there was a splash of mold in my fermentor and I am making my first wine kit so I didn't want there to be any trouble. I decided against using boiling Hydrochloric acid to sterilize and went for the next best thing... Bleach. Someone here in another thread had a link to a brewtalkradio...