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  1. Rice_Guy

    pH drift: Apple products

    Many of the wines I did in 2022 had a percentage of fresh/ unpasteurized apple juice in them. That seemed OK since juice would have more fruit impact than formulating country wines with water. BUT now that I am clearing out the carboys I am seeing all the pH numbers have drifted up...
  2. A

    Off-note (sulfur?) in apple wine

    I'm looking for any suggestions for an apple wine that's got an off, unpleasant note to it. It may be sulfur? It's not strong enough to knock you over by the smell, but it's distinctly unpleasant. I've let the wine sit for an hour and it improves some, but does not go away. I remember seeing...
  3. Amandolin

    Apple wine and ... cider wine? ;-)

    Today I started a slight variation on Apfelwein (see pic for my recipe/notes) I’m planning to try the same concept in my other 3 gal carboy but with cider and dark brown sugar. Anybody have any recommendations for additions? I was wondering if it would benefit from adding... - Golden...
  4. ThousandJulys

    Apple Wine Question

    I am looking to make a semi-sweet apple wine. I have previously made a five gallon batch of Strawberry Wine, a one gallon of blackberry, and am currently fermenting a gallon of pineapple wine. What type of yeast is best apple fermentations? I will be making five gallons. What kind of...
  5. B

    Newbie to the forum, looking for some insight

    I just started making wine (have a strawberry in primary right now) but have done a ton of reading over the past couple weeks or month or so. I have noticed there is no end to the different ingredients used in wine. There are still some apples for the picking near me and I posed the question...
  6. atticus

    Cashew Apple Wine

    Hi, I am an absolute newcomer to Wine-making. I am from India and own some Cashew nut trees. I have started experimenting with making Wine from Cashew Apple Juice. I am facing a peculiar problem. I checked the Sp. gr. of the juice and added sugar till correct sp. gr. was achieved ( I was...