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Aug 27, 2013
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Read a lot about yeasts and controlling wild yeasts but want to make sure I got it right. When making fruit wines if you want to kill wild yeast use k beta then after a day you can use yeast of your choice . What is Potassium sorbate used for? If I want to make a sparkling wine what should I leave out so that I can carbonate it?
Im no pro but ive been researching the same questions through this forum. I believe if you add k-meta it will kill off the wild yeast and then you can add a yeast of your choice. Sorbate is to prevent further fermentation. Seems most people here done use it unless you plan on backsweetening. As far as sparkling wine i believe you let the wine ferment dry and then start a second fermentation using sugar and yeast but im not sure about that one

Wild yeast

Instructions for sparkling wine
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Yes, K-meta to kill of wild yeast, sorbate is used after fermentation to prevent fermentation. sparkling wines do not add ferment but you shouldn't need to add any more yeast. OR you can do like I did. I compensation my husbands keg system and any wine I want carbonated I just keg it! :h

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