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Aug 8, 2013
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So I Pre-Ordered some wine Juice from LHBS and I am trying to decide what to use for yeast. I have until end of September/beginning of October to decide. But by reading the Yeast info from this is what I am thinking of using.

Pinot Noir: blend these --
ICV-GRE: Brings fresh red fruit foreword along with good mouthfeel. Also effective for reducing herbaceous and vegetal notes in under-ripe fruit. Useful as a blending component.

W15: Normally for German whites, when used in a Pinot W15 will give bright fruit focusing on berry notes as well as contribute mouthfeel.

Pinot Grigio: blend these --
ICV-GRE: Brings fresh pear and melon tones foreword along with good mouthfeel. Useful for reducing herbaceous and vegetal notes in under-ripe fruit.

Rhône 4600: Peach, apricot and tropical fruit with enhanced mouthfeel contribution. Delivers fat roundness and balance along with light esters. Good either as a single strain or as a blending component.

Based on the descriptions, they sound good. Are you planning on doing multiple buckets of each, then blending post-ferment?
No I am only doing one bucket of each. I was going to pitch both yeast strains in at fermentation.
That's not a good idea , using multiple yeasts in the same fermenter can result in stuck ferments or h2s as the stress of competition is very hard on yeasts. Better to split the batch ferment separately the blend the wine together once dry
Are you sure they don't have yeast in them already?

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I don't think they do as this is what it says in the flyer - "be aware that these have zero preservatives, so must be stabilized and inoculated as soon as possible, preferably within the week."

but that was a good thought.... had to double check thanks
Scott Labs produces a "Fermentation Handbook" which has valuable information in it. It has charts for white, red, and fruit wines and lists out many yeasts and which yeast provide which attributes for all different varietals.

It not only has info on yeast but also many different additives, tannins, and more.

Here is the link to the online PDF:

You can email their customer service on their website for a free hard copy. They also produce a Cider handbook. I asked for one each last year. This year they revised it, I was sent a new copy without even knowing or asking for it! Props to Scott Lab for their service.
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