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Dec 24, 2009
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what would be a general consensus of how long to let the World Expert Chilean Merlot kit sit in the bottles before even attempting a first opening? From what i have read in forums, likely the kit will peak over then next year. But when should I start popping one of these to test? In general terms of course.

Thanks to all for the great forum. This is the second kit in the bottle, with a Chardonnay done first that has not come out bad at all so Ihave high hopes!
Where you able to get a taste of it at bottling time? If not then go ahead and reward yourself by trying it out. Just do try to let your wines age out to at least the guidelines given by the kit producer you won't be disappointed!

By the way welcome to the forum!
Welcome... what part of the world are you from? Maybe you could go to your CP and update your profile...

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