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Oct 30, 2011
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I have my entire collection of wine supplies for sale. No shipping. Pick up in Hickory or Lincolnton North Carolina or in between those locations. Message me if you are interested. REASONABLE offers only. Over $1,000 in supplies!

All in One Pump make reasonable offer

Many cases of 1 gallon carboys sold by case of 4 sanitizer and uniseal cap on
each carboy. Ready to use, just rinse out sanitizer. $20.00 per case

1/2 gallon carboys clear and amber - case of 6 $30.00 per case

Many cases of 750ml with sanitizer and t-cap assorted colors and ready to use,
just pour out sanitizer and rinse. $12.00 case of 12. I have 15 cases to sell.

1500 ml bottles 1.50 each

6.5-gallon pail with grommet for air lock and airlock- includes lid $15.00

3-gallon pail with grommet for air lock and airlock- includes lid $15.00

13-gallon pail and lid $10.00

Drill mount stirrer
Large Spoon for stirring
Mesh bags
Assorted misc wine chems and additives way too much to list here
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Yes, I am done that is why I have so much to sell. We hope to move next year and will be down sizing so we won't have room.
I will accept reasonable offers. I really need to move all this out because it is taking up way too much room in a closet.