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Feb 18, 2009
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I went looking for somthing last week and run into some thing that I wish I had room for ,, but thought some one here might want ..
Its a wine celler type , looks like a big fridg ,, has racks for about 150 - 200 + bottles ,, temp control ,, humidity control .. and the price was $ 50 ,,
now not sure if it worked or not , but some one might want it and get it fixed if needed ... no I will not be making any thing on it as I have nothing to do with the place that has it .. this was the first time I had been to it .
You might get it for less if you made a offer ..
its by rosedale mn .. if you want to go look pm me and Ill tell you were to go .. at the moment I do not remember the address but will look it up If someone wants it ..
will check my pms later this week

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