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@MarcOlivetti, that sounds like a great tool, especially for beginners. You may be able to submit feature requests -- if so, request an export to text or HTML. In any case, I recommend keeping a separate copy of the highlights of your notes.

Originally, I wrote barebones in my notebook. Years after I moved my notes to a website, I started getting more and more verbose. I find the extra detail is beneficial to me when I look back at my notes.

It appears EnoFile only runs on iOS and Android -- I may see if it will run on my Raspberry PI tablet.
I’m using EnoFile to track my batches. After you download App (I’m using an iPad) the first thing you do is to setup your Name/Winery and profile. Bill & Susan will start sending you emails with hints and tutorials (Biggest tip is to hit “return” when done with an input to save).

Starting a batch is quite simple, the App has many data points, with prompts to complete the data point. You have to manually setup each step in your process, they don’t have a template available to use. I used the WE instructions for each step. You need to know what date you plan to do each step and when you want to be reminded to complete (the reminder syncs with your calendar). It will also calculate cost per bottle and potential %ABV for the batch.

There’s a section within each step to add ingredients (type, amount, and unit of measurement). There’s also a shopping cart for you to reorder ingredient.

Next section, you can add your readings (make adjustments); a section for notes (I would like to use bullets and or paragraphs, but only allows a continuous sentences), and a place to add photos (can be glitchy). Again you have to do each data point manually.

You can invite people to review their thoughts and impressions for a virtual testing which could be fun.

It doesn’t allow to export, so WineMaker81 is correct when you’ll be tied to each batch and the App use only, forever. Since I am new to wine making (only 2 wine kits so far) this is working for me, not knowing, what I don’t know. I’m planning on building templates in excel so I can save, export/share, and analyze over time; perhaps link workbooks by varietal, not sure yet again just starting. Well this turned out to be long winded...

Merry Christmas everyone! Santa brought me a Sour Cherry Port Kit, yea!
Thanks! Other than not being able to export, it sounds pretty good.
Yes, I’m really liking it! Having to input each step on each batch is allowing me to learn the process and each component within each step.

I like how you can set reminders inside & outside each step (by creating a new step) that reminds me to “after 5 days, to give the Carboy a twist (without lifting) to allow any sediment stuck to the walls of the Carboy to drop” (3.6 of Step 3 Day 15 - Clearing) in WE Kit instructions.
Just the good ol notebook. And I use a metallic sharpie for my carboys & demijohns. Washes off easily yet doesnt rub off accidentally. And I keep a tag, similar to what @vacuumpumpman just posted, on the barrels- logging the date and action taken (top up, sulphite, empty/fill)

attempted to use an app called Evernote. Great app. Just was a pain to keep up with. In 6 months I defaulted back to the good ol notebook. Organized in timeline fashion-and just write down whatever wines I’m working on that day. Unfortunately I’m always rushing when writing so it’s never too thorough and my handwriting can get incredibly sloppy! Lol View attachment 69621View attachment 69620
I had been using the same composition notebook leftover from one of my kids when they were in school. I like y spreadsheet, but I find I still write things in my notebook and then transfer the data to the spreadsheet.
I like spreadsheets so have a simple one that does some calculations like how many days since X. It also makes it easy to compare batches and special notes. Each batch is on a separate sheet with color coded tabs.

I have a dry erase white board in the wine room to write down values as I create them, then transfer to the computer in the next room.