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Sep 1, 2016
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Anybody know the difference between bordeaux and burgundy wine bottles? I'm going to bottle some red wine and have seen both for sale. It's the color I'm after. I don't think wine cares what shape the bottle is.
It is the shape. Bordeaux have the shoulder and Burgundy do not. Color has nothing to do with it.

EDIT: Sorry, that was not your question. The bottles are from different regions of France. The Bordeaux bottle is more useful in decanting because the sediment gets trapped against the shoulder. I suppose that Bordeaux wines had more sediment at some time in the past. I don't think it affects the wine. It is somewhat like the tradition in Germany where Rhine wines are in brown bottles and Mosel wines are in green.
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If you want to be accurate or have the need to be a purist, Burgundy bottles are for Pinot Noir or Chardonnay; Burgundy style wines.
No purist here. Just found a good deal on wine bottles and both types are available. I have red wine blends to be bottled. I'm thinking both will work
So whether the bottle is punted or not is irrelevant?
Bordeaux stacks and labels better. My wife, labeler-in-chief, has barred me from purchasing any more burgundy bottles.
All of the above is right on track! Bordeaux bottles are my bottle of choice too. I buy clear ones for all of my whites, either brown or green for my reds, and my wine cellar is designed to accommodate those size bottles.

I did build 6 racks a tad wider to accommodate commercial bottles which hardly ever seem to fit in the racks..............

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