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Sep 24, 2016
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I am looking to blend a fruit wine with a lambic style beer to create a high abv sour with alot of fruit flavor.
I feel like a 2 parts beer 1 part wine mix but in the end it will have to come down to taste.
Weather you are a fan of the idea or not i would like to hear insight.Some good criticism could help sway the recipe in a good direction.Likely i will have to do many different batches with different ratios to get the blend that im picturing.Maybe its a bad idea and i will never get what im picturing.That will not stop me from trying.There are a lot of variables that i am contemplating.

-Should i try and make the fruit wine i am adding perfect or should i taylor my beer to fill in the blanks for the wine.Such as PH for acid/ higher tannins or sugars.
-what type of yeast should i use for the cherry juice from everything i read Montrachet Yeast is best.
-Does anyone have experience using sherry yeast with fruit juice? I want it to be
- should i kill the wine or add it the beer alive?
thanks to anyone who is willing to take a stab at some of these question and entertain my idea.
we have had good luck with beer before carbonation blended with a wine that has completed fermentation. use bench trials to see best taste. take resulting blend and carbonate as normal beer. usually works best with a low hop beer , also good with white or red wine, well balanced.
I made Fontana Wildbery Shiarz a while came with a berry flavor pack that I thought would make the wine WAY too berry flavored for me, so I only used half of still came out VERY berry flavored.

If you made that kit using the whole flavor pack, I bet you would have all the wine flavor you want and boost your ABV in the beer. Search for Dragoon's Blood here...that might also work for you.
i like that idea but searching dragonsblood did not yeild anything and searching dragons blood f pack did not help either.Do you have a link?
Can i pasteurize the unfinished wine after 3 weeks or will all of that oxidation change the flavor profile completely?
I assume by pasteurize you mean heating the wine to above 100deg f. if so you will ruin the wine completely. Why do you desire to do so?
If bacteria contamination is of concern the wine should be treated with potassium metabisulfite at dosage of 1/4 tsp per 5 gallons.
Thank you I do not want this wine/beer hybrd going much over 9% thats what gave me the idea to kill the wine yeast.But i will just adjust my sugars.
we fermented the wine separately to at least 11% ABV. Beer was fermented to at least 9%. then blended. Carbonation was completed with addition of sugar as would be done for the beer alone.

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