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Jack Keller has recipes for bark wine and mushroom wine, so I don't see why you couldn't make whey wine. Maybe you could create your own recipe... experiment!
Standard yeasts won't ferment lactose. kluyveromyces marxianus is the preferred yeast, although I believe there is a candida that will work, too. Might be called candida kefir, but I can't remember right now. Searching kefir grains Should turn up more info.

I acquired whey on several occasions in order to make high proof alcohol. Without fail it was already spoiled. The dairy considered it a waste product and was more than willing to give it away, but they wouldn't refrigerate it.
I've heard of fermented milk... I wonder what type of yeast is used to ferment that... :a1

all I can think of is lumpy milk..


Well, from the Huns to the Mongols, fermented mare's milk was common. Where there were settlements, people found something to make alcohol out of. Some anthropologists argue that it was the discovery of alcohol in Neolothic times that caused tribes to settle so as to be able to grow grains, fruits etc to make alcohol...voila, civilization as a byproduct of wine. :p
I just did a little google search, and "Kumis" is the name of the product I came up with. Fermented milk. Interesting....if not probably quite vile. :d
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