When is clean in carboy but cloudy when it goes into the bottle

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Nov 22, 2016
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Wine is clear in carboy but cloudy when it goes into the bottle

So my wine is super clear In the carboy but very cloudy when I put it in the bottle. I used a wine kit with clearing agents. Maybe I didn't degas enough? It is my frist time making wine. Maybe I can put it into another carboy and see if any setament starts to settle
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Hi. Did you rack to a clean carboy before you bottled? I'm thinking that you may have pulled up some of the sediment that was on the bottom of the carboy when as you filled the bottles. If that is the case then the solution is to carefully rack to a clean carboy and bottle from there or make sure that you hold the racking cane above the sediment layer when you bottle to get as many clean bottles as you can, then at the end you might get the rest with some sediment in them but save them for yourself and that's okay.

About all I can think of doing now is pouring them back into a carboy, let it resettle and do as I mentioned above. Good luck.
Thank you for your reply! I'm using the fastferment so it's all in one carboy. I'm going to empty the collection ball and see if any setament settles. Would it be wise to give it a stir just in case It needs to be degassed?
I've not used a fast ferment, but if you haven't degassed the wine yet you must do that before you bottle. The CO2 will not escape the bottle once you bottle. It needs to be as degassed as you want it to be before bottling..
I did degass it at the end of primary fermentions. Maybe I didn't degass enough....
In a carboy, you are looking through 12-18 inches of wine....in a bottle, 3-4 inches...so it tends to look darker in the carboy. Then you put it a bottle and you can see the "stuff" better.

Since I got my AIO wine pump....I tend to rack more times and the result is clearer wines and less CO2.

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