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Jun 26, 2009
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Hi all--

A friend bought me a kit as a very early Christmas present (he has the money now, but is being laid off soon) :?. He'll be getting decent severance but just wanted to get it before it got too late.

Anyhoo... I'm very excited for it, but am just wondering if anyone has made this? Any feedback would be appreciated.


Have not made from a kit but, it's a nice wine. As we speak I am making 6 gallons of CA fresh juice Viognier.
I love a good Viognier... which is why my friend picked it. We have some great Viogniers near me in Livermore Valley.

What vineyard did your grapes (or juice) come from?
I really don't know. Here in NJ my supplier gets juice from CA, Italy and Chile in the spring.
I do know I like the Viognier wine
That's cool. I just found out my local retailer lists all the vineyards around here in CA who sell grapes. And many will crush/destem for you... I had no idea they did that. Then I'd only have to rent the press.

The only problem is that most only sell a 1/2 ton minimum. That's a bit of a problem when you live in a 8th floor, 2 bedroom apartment. :)