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Feb 9, 2010
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For years now, my two brothers and myself have had a small superbowl tradition. We jointly pick a team and place a bet ($1 each) with my mother.

My mother simply gets delighted when she wins. For weeks she give some rather good natured ribbing. Her winning the superbowl bet goes a long way to brighten her life. She has been through a lot over the last couple of years, so this year we let her pick the Patriots (with no point spread).

One year, when she won, the ribbing got particularly fierce. In retaliation, we decided to get creative on exactly HOW she got paid. We took 3 new dollar bills, signed them, and then varnished them to a plaque. I had "Good luck spending your winnings, mom" inscribed as well.

I do not think she stopped laughing for a month. The plaque now resides on one of her walls for all to see.

Then next time she won, I took $3 worth of quarters and encased them in acrylic resin to form a rather nice parperweight. I also included a banner (in the acrylic) that read "Superbowl L". Again, this had her laughing for weeks.

Well, this year (surprise, surprise) she won. This time, my older brother took the reins and came up with the following. We spend HOURS last Saturday hot-gluing each and every coin to form "LI" (or 50) in pennies and on underscore in nickles. We also made the frame (the craft store wanted $200 for a cheap on in the right size).

One coin came unglued. This happened right after we seal up everything. We also signed it with some good natured ribbing included. I also wrote "$3.00, go ahead and count it".

We are going to send it down with my SIL in a couple of weeks. I can not wait to hear about her reaction!


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