UPS damage issues?

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Mar 8, 2024
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Has anyone else been experiencing higher than normal wine damage through UPS? 3 of the last 10 shipments I have made through UPS have been broken, including a $200 bottle of 2013 Sangiovese that is very rare... 😭 My packaging has not changed, rigid inflatable bottle cases in bubble wrap in a corrugated tube. This method has served me well for the last 10 years with minimal losses.

I'm tempted to pay even higher prices for FedEx at this rate...
I have actually switched over to UPS 100% this Spring shipping season since my local fedEx is now a contractor and refuses to deliver wine to me without me handing over my drivers license so they can scan it into their system. I refuse to do that. I have received at least a half dozen wine shipments including one just last week with 2 bottles of Quilceda Creek wine. All were in perfect condition. They were all from bonded wineries and shipped in wine shipping boxes.
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Generally , my personal experience in both shipping and receiving shipments is that UPS is the BEST I’ve used with FedEx being a distant second. Don’t even ask me my opinion/experiences with USPS or Lasership, they are tied for a very distant last place.
Typically for me when a shipper offers a choice UPS is the highest but not by much. I gladly pay the slight premium for UPS service.
I only ship wine bottles to competitions and have always used styrofoam bottle shipping cartons and have not ever had one break and have always used UPS.
For expensive wines especially it would be wise to buy these bottle shipping cartons, Uline has the best prices that I know of.

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