Treating white grapes like red grapes

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Aug 2, 2010
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Hi everyone, this is my first post here, but I was wondering if anyone has ever tried treating white ( sauv blanc or Verdelho) grapes in the way you would ferment red grapes. Meaning crush, leave on skins for primary and then rack off of for the secondary. I might be able to get some of either of those varietals free or nearly so, but I don't have the refrigerator space to kepp 1 or 2 5 gallon carboys at the cold temperatures that are recommended. Any thoughts? Anyone tried this before. Thanks in advance for you help.
Old School

This is the way white wines were made for along time. You will get a heavier, more oxydized white wine with more body and texture, but less fruit notes.
Cold fermentation and stainless steel are sort of a new idea. I have had wines from Italy and Spain that were made this way, and was told that sweeter, riper fruit works better in the case of warmer ferment conditions.

I would think about co-fermenting the two, you may cover some flaws that way. Let me know how it turns out; I would also like a shot at some free fruit!

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