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Papa b

Easy does it
Nov 16, 2009
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Hello everybody
I'm new,learning and excited about this hobby
this is my 2nd batch first one a merlot, I think that it came out pretty good for a new guy
my question is I'm in the second fermentation stage of a Ken Ridges Classic trilogy, and after racking for the second time I lost about 1.5 litres (give or take) by now the instructions said in bold letters " We strongly recommend not topping up to ensure a properly balanced wine"
What is your personal opinion about this
Thank You in advance
papa B

By the way I used 9 gallons plastic carboy from ECkraus if that makes any diference
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I don't like topping up, so I sanitize a batch a large marbles and add them to bring the level to the top of the carboy I'm going to use for secondary. Losing 1.5 liters is a lot, though. I'm thinking you left too much in your primary somehow.
You are probably right, I think I left too much on the carboy. Live and learn
But thanks anyway, the marbles that is a great idea, (never thougt of stealing marbles from my kids)
I've been using marbles for a couple of years now. Just be sure to sanitize them, they work fine. :ea

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