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Nov 14, 2016
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relatively newbie, but have more than 200 gallons under my belt in the last 18 months and get really nice reviews with the kits and juice from the local distributor

So I mad a bath of Merlot and Cab. Sav. and typically blend with Sav. Bl

I wanted to cheat and add some oak essence for flavor and put 4 oz instead of 1oz. The Cab is like drinking an acorn.

With a 40/40/20 blend it is still pretty strong on the oak side, but more subtle.

Thinking this batch will be 33/33/33 or looking for advice to cut the oak flavor down.

Does the oak get stronger with age or more subtle as the bottle age?

Any advice to reduce the strength of the Oak or should I just turn this into brandy in my magical copper pot?
The oak will integrate and be more in the background over time. Depending on how long you are willing to wait and how pronounced it is, would steer me on what to do with it. I had 30 gallons of Barbera last year that saw too much time in a 30 gallon barrel. The wine is quite polarizing, some really like it, I don't.
I tried a little last night as a 40/40/20. Wife says it is much better than the original.
Going to try 35/35/30 then straight 1/3 each. Also going to try a moscato instead of Cab. Bl. the extra sweetness might mask the oak better

I have enough to make about 80 bottles of wine. It will probably sit bottled for at least 6 months

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