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Old Philosopher

Oct 22, 2009
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Just trying to finally get this straight in my own mind.

Pasteurizing a must in the beginning is bad because:
  1. The heat alters the flavor and other chemicals.
  2. Heat causes the natural pectin to thicken, and you end up with jelly juice instead of wine.
  3. Pasteurizing causes some mystical thing to happen that prevents fermentation.
  4. Unless using steam, any water added dilutes the fruit flavor.

Pasteurization is good because:
  1. The heat kills dangerous bacteria, wild yeast, etc.
  2. The fibers in the fruit break down more, releasing more juice.

So pasteurization's bad points out weigh the good.
Did I miss something?
freezing the fruit can help kill wild yeasts and rupture the cell walls of the fruit.
If making a fruit wine cut and core and FREEZE. Like said above it hellps extract all the juice when adding pectic enzyme.
I canned my strawberry guava juice to store it for a later winemaking.... high heat etc etc

... had no freezer room for it.

no issues at all with the flavour changing or with clearing it either..

perhaps it depends on the fruit itself?

Hi Allie !

Whats the weather loke tomorrow? .. LOL ! :sm :dg :dg

hic hic
drinking my Strawberry / Kiwi Hmmmm GOOD !
Yep !
I have about 35 cases empty. just waiting to be filled soon. Then again when its time I will have another 20 cases empty. Everyone should have this problem. BTW someone left over a case of "used" bottles on my porch.
Now to have the time to remove the labels between drinking.. Just not enough hours to work, drinking :dg:dg Racking and delabeling.