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My 32.5 degree temp this morning (ice on my metal roof and cars) made me think of this thread and wonder why I wasn't at all concerned (and if I should be) which triggered this post. The dew point must have been 32.5 since the temp was steadily down all night then stopped at 32.5 and stayed there a few hours till the sun started to come up.

I use this reference when pondering cold. variety responds differently to,occurred at 23°F.

The WSU site says damage on most grapes post budbreak starts at 29.8 f (-1.2c). I was looking through my notes and saw I had a note that in 2021 that I had a 27f night (-2.8c) 3 days after budbreak (4/9/21 budbreak). I don't have any other notes for that year indicating damage but the way my vines are maintained damage would not be obvious.

Anyway just some more data to ponder and maybe help some of us worry less.
Same here in Murray. At my house it was 32.0 at the low this evening (and a little ice on the windshield this morning) but no signs of issue with Apple blossoms or grape buds. I have green tips on my buds but they are healthy as can be it seems. I love that you found that WSU study. It's so so nice to have hard data like that available.

The worst winter damage I've seen was after mildew attacked the canes. The winter damage on the canes themselves was drastic but after pruning away the damage, they produced just fine the following season.
Well, it was in the 70s today in the vineyard- and headed to the 80s this weekend.

My Grenache primary buds along with a few Syrah primary buds are toast. In better news, the secondary buds are all pushing so I should get a crop anyway - just won’t have to thin as much!!!

Everything else has had Bud break and is moving along towards having nice little clusters of leaves.

Cover crop has responded to the hair cut and I need to mow again. So things are busy - almost as busy as harvest season. But it’s a good busy and a lot of fun.
I’ll chime in, since I usually just watch these posts from a distance…lol.
Here in southwest burbs of Chicago, we had a warmer than normal Feb and early March, then we came back to reality mid to late March, which was when I pruned my Frontenac hybrid in my backyard garden. Had heavy bleeding about a week or so after that. I did take 8 chutes and am trying to propagate into more as my neighbor gave me the green light to extend into their backyard that they never use, just maintain with local landscape company. They might regret their decision 😉…. Anyway, bud break on the Frontenac in many spots earlier this week, as it took some time to bust thru, but the propagated chutes indoors have had no trouble breaking thru and are doing well, so I am encouraged by that. I love this forum and have learned so much from all of you, so thank you!!!
It’s pretty crazy how far along some of my vines are not a single other local winery has as much growth as my grapes I am seeing flowers already and fruit set is beginning as of this week on some grapes.

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