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  1. R

    What parameters do you prefer for your dandelion wine?

    How do you like your dandelion wine with regards to ABV and sweetness (bottled SG)? Also, when making the must, my experience is that petals give off different flavors when treated with hot water compared to cold/room temperature water. In the poll, select one option from each of the three...
  2. C

    Blueberry wine fermentation guidance

    I am new to winemaking. I have made wine once before, but it was from a kit. I recently began making blueberry wine from fresh blueberries. I am currently in the primary fermentation phase, or so I think. When I added my smashed blueberries and sugar, I got my specific gravity to 1.096 before...
  3. DCTWinemaker

    Which Specific Gravity should you use?

    I am at day 14 of making an WE Eclipse CS with grape skins. The instructions say to rack to a carboy when the SG is <.996. I measured the SG today and it’s .996. Adjusting for a must temp. of 81 degrees, the adjusted SG is .998. Question is...do I continue to leave the wine in the primary...
  4. TikiWine

    Low starting sg

    I just started a Merlot kit and when I measured the SG it was pretty low. 1.065ish is that ok or is it a bad kit?
  5. mjenkins

    Specific Gravity Question

    I prepared my must according to kit instructions, added my grape skins pack and stirred vigorously. I took the initial SG reading of 1.080. I took the reading twice to make sure I had it correct. I decided to use a different yeast than came with the kit because I like to play with things. I...
  6. Nova_Scotia_Canada

    Low initial specific gravity

    So I'm on my second wine kit, identical to my first (which turned out really well), it's a Chardonnay. But with the second kit, the initial specific gravity was low (about 0.9 when it should have been over 1.05). I added sugar to get it up to where it should be, but my question is, why would...
  7. M

    Help! BRIX and Hydrometer don't imply same thing!

    Hello everyone, I am a UK girl making wine in a very small family inherited vineyard only 100 vines in France. This is my third year, year 1 was a disaster, year 2 is drinkable and I am in the middle of year 3. This wine is for home consumption only. I hope you learned people will be...
  8. B

    specific gravity problem

    My first try is a Concord grape wine. One week ago I followed a recipe for Concord grape wine. After a week it seems to be progressing but I learned that I should have added more sugar. The starting SG was only about 1.050. I think it should have been around 1.1. After a week it's down to 1.2...
  9. Becks the Elder

    Hydrometers, Refractometers,Brix, SG & abv. Conversions.

    Hydrometers, Refractometers, Brix, SG & abv. Conversions. Hi everyone, I have been using my hydrometer and taking readings and then subtracting the finishing SG from the starting SG and dividing by 7.36 to get the abv. I have recently been toying with the idea of buying a refractometer so...