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Apr 2, 2008
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Thanks everyone who responded to my last post about a funky odor. I pressed that night and it cleared right up.

I have another question unfortunately. I pressed about a week ago, with both wines between 0 and 2 brix. I added 30ppm potassium metabisulphite at press. After a day or so I added a strain of malolactic bacteria to each carboy. Today I gave each a smell and the odor was a powerful rotten egg smell.

1) What is the smell from? Is it spoilage?
2) What can I do to save my wine?
3) If I do a vigorous rack, will that disturb my malolactic fermentation? The book I've been using (The way to make wine by Sheridan Warrick) suggests waiting until after malolactic and then racking vigorously. I'd have to add sulfite if I racked, I suppose.
4) Is my wine a loss? How long does it take for a smell to permanately attach to the wine?

Is aerating with a stirring wand an option?

Thanks for any advice.
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