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Jan 24, 2017
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Hi, I have searched the forums for an answer but can't find an answer that I can really understand. I am currently brewing red wine (primary fermentation) using a kit, my questions are these 1. when do I test the acidity? 2. depending on the result, how do I lower or raise the acidity (if I need to)? I dont want to spend loads on testing kits really, I was hoping to use litmus strips, though I know this would be approximate. any advice would be greatly appreciated on this topic.

Thanks, Michael


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Aug 29, 2015
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Northwest Arkansas
Kits are supposed to be just s norcal mentioned - good to go.

BUT if you do want to test it - I'd wait until the fermentation is completed. During fermentation the acidity is going to fluctuate and you could find yourself worried about something that will rectify itself over a little time.

Keep in mind that a TA test with the typical color-changing solution is practically impossible with a red wine. You'd be better off using a pH meter ($20- $$$$) to check pH AND if you want to test the TA you can just get a Bottle of 0.1N Sodium Hydroxide. (It's going to be important that you know what concentration you purchase .1N is the most common variety) As for a pH meter unless you going to be makeing a lot of wine or high dollar fussy wines you don't need to spend more than $40.00 for a decent pH meter. They ALL have to be calibrated from time to time so as long as you stay on top of that, no problems. Most, even the $20.00 models come wit the calibrating solutions too. Starting out - I'd stick with a pH meter only if you really want to check the pH on your kit(s).