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Sep 8, 2008
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Help, I think I got in over my head....

I am new to the forum and a 2 year beginning wine maker.

I think I have a stuck MLF but not sure and don't know what to do if it is. I processed 120lbs of Chardonnay grapes that went through primary fermentation pretty well. I introduced MLF and nutrient last Thursday when the sugar was down to about 4. It has since gone down further to 0 and all yeast action has stopped. The wine looks absolutely still. I have been keeping the temperature up to about 70 - 75. Shouldn't something be happening? Can I give it more nutrients? I have not racked it off the lees. It is still setting in my stainless steel variable volume tank with the lid just setting on the top to keep things out. I am afraid of too much contact with air. I have never worked with chardonnay or MLF and the information seems pretty limited on how to proceed. I just don't want to screw it up. Thanks for any suggestions.
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