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For Sale Stainless steel #25 ratchet press

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Dec 15, 2018
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Central Maryland
Stainless steel #25 ratchet press
central Maryland near New Market

Works great for smaller batches, 6+ gallons. I think it is Marchisio, but previous owner was not sure. I got this in an all-or-nothing deal. I don't need the press, so I did not work yet on making or buying heavy replacement pressure plates. I used this press this year on grapes and apple to make sure it worked fine. I pressed approximately 2-3 grape lugs at a time, which went fine, even with challenged press plates. The thinner discs worked ok with the original heavy discs on top, but were hard to remove without a handle or hole- I'd add that. I would also bolt to a pallet or plate to give it more weight and keep it in place when pressing, as I did. Sorry, my pallet is not included, but these parts are:

Stainless basket and pins, stainless platform/legs, split but usable pressure discs, thinner new pressure discs, 4 press blocks, 2 angled top press blocks, ratchet head, ratchet handle and two sets of pawl pins, screws for attaching press to a base

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