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Jan 11, 2022
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St. Paul, MN
Hi everyone, after tasting my second red wine kit, I think I learned what folks meant by "kit taste." To me, it's a deal breaker for kit making (with the possible exception of certain brands). I'd like to begin making from grapes this fall. @winemaker81 recently posted a thread with good options for shipping grapes, but I'm hoping for insights into how to source local grapes.

I've found a couple webpages with classified ads that will probably be a good option. Otherwise, is it common practice to reach out to vineyards directly? Do vineyards sell to home winemakers? I'm hoping that it's not entirely uncommon to order 100 lbs instead of a ton of grapes.
I use several sources for frozen grape must but that can get real expensive if you are not local to the shipping point (Portland OR)
besides that has some great concentrates of not just grapes, but other fruits as well
From the Purple Foot:

Various vineyards in Minnesota and Wisconsin may have grapes available in the fall. For Minnesota vineyards, go to: and search for "grapes".

That is what I did - contacted vineyards via email and now I am on mailing lists for pick your own dates. I'm guessing if you are only looking for 100 lbs, picking your own will be your best bet.

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