Seeking TN, GA, AL, MS winemakers for a Chilean bucket shipment next spring

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Jan 12, 2012
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Seeking Southern winemakers who are seriously interested in a Chilean juice bucket delivery for the region. I continue to try to work out a partnership for a Chilean wine bucket shipment to the South. Delivery could be Huntsville, AL, or Nashville, TN, depending on who partners with me on it. A pickup day would then be arranged.

Buckets likely would have to be prepaid. If you are interested in being put on a list, please PM me. If you are interested, but not seriously interested, please say that so I can gauge serious interest. We definitely have to meet a minimum order to make it work. Thanks.
Zero replies. And now I understand why no one here does the buckets. :p Looks like I gotta drive...
Hey. I’m in Atlanta and interested. Started and conversation with you on it.

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