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Jun 8, 2018
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Minnesota, USA
We have only 4 bottles left each of the 2017 RJS RQ french cab and french merlot, and they are just incredible. I'm sad they were RQs and we can't get them anymore, so I'm wondering what anyone would suggest for an alternative.

I have bought and will soon start rjs Aussie cab. Maybe the FWK Bordeaux?

Other suggestions?
I made the WE Australian Cabernet Sauvignon for my son's wedding reception. We bottled at 7 months and it was tasty then. It was 15 months old at the reception, and it was well rated. I expect it will be better at the 2 yo mark.

The FWK Bordeaux has been praised by those who have made it. Go with the Tavola series for a quicker drinker, or the Forte for a more robust wine. You might also consider the Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot in both series.

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