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Mar 30, 2022
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SE Missouri
Recently purchased this kit and plan on starting is soon. The included yeast is EC1118. I would like to use a more appropriate/different yeast and was thinking about substituting BM4x4 for the EC1118. I am aware that it will be more nutrient sensitive.
Any other yeast suggestions? I have Fermaid O, but don't know how much I should add and when (initially and at 48 hours or 1/3 every 24 hours after fermentation starts)? The MeadMadeRight TOSNA calculator suggest 38 gm, but that is for mead, a very nutrient deficient must. Would half that (19gm) be too much.
I also have RC212 and D254 which should also work and be less nutrient sensitive.
On the other hand, the kit has good reviews when made as directed.
Any of those yeast will produce a good result, although I'd lean towards D254 in this situation. Why? I read the descriptions of all 3 strains and like that one the best in this situation. To be fair, if I did this again tomorrow, I might make a different choice. There is no wrong choice.

EC-1118 is a low nutrient yeast, so IMO any kit that includes EC-1118 should have more nutrient if a medium or high nutrient yeast is substituted, unless the yeast is non-H2S producing. Even then, I'd add some nutrient as the yeast will thrive better.

How much nutrient? For a medium nutrient yeast, 1/4 of the package dosage at inoculation, and another 1/4 after 48 hours. For a high nutrient yeast, 1/2 at inoculation and again after 48 hours.

I've never had a problem with overdosing a batch with nutrient. I don't know if that's because problems from overdosing are less prevalent than literature makes it appear, or if I've just been lucky.