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Jun 1, 2009
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I have grown enormous quantities of fruits and vegetables (common and exotic) for practically all my life and I consider myself to have a bit of green thumb...

However, up until a couple of years ago I had never had much success with growing grape vines.

No matter how much TLC I gave them I just never seemed to get the results I wanted. In fact, at best my vines bore very small amounts flavorless fruit and the vines looked spindly and, well... pathetic!

I was searching for weeks trying to find the answers to my grape-growing problems. And after some time had passed I was ready to give up. Unfortunately there’s very little, “easy-to-understand” and proven information available on the Internet.

Then I finally found someone who knew what they where doing!

Not only that, but they have written a clear and concise book that is and will prove to be a benchmark and an excellent reference book for anyone interested in growing grapes.

The book is a practical guide that's a lot of fun to read and gives a practical step-by-step system full of effective tips, tools, information, advice and methods to grow the best grapes!

I read the book cover-to-cover in a weekend and after following the advice within I can say that during last growing season I had a huge bumper crop (it's shaping up to be even better this year!)

It’s one of the best that I’ve found and I recommend this book to the backyard grower, the small farmer, the aspiring grape breeder or anyone wanting to do more than plant a single grapevine.

All the important subjects are covered and the material on cultivation and pruning is excellent and timeless. Subjects covered are: grape vine reproduction, training-systems, soil preparation, pruning, first second & thirds season growing tips, watering, spring and summer treatments, disease control, harvesting grapes and much more. Fascinating stuff.

The book is well organized and readable and it contains absolutely everything you need to know about growing grapes. It’s very inexpensive (I personally think he should raise the price) and in my mind it is the best value for your dollar on the market today

You can purchase ten or more books on grape growing but you really only need this one, no matter if you have one vine or an entire vineyard. Highly recommend.

If you are interested in learning more you can read about it here:

This program sounds pretty good - has anyone out there purchased this program, and do you have any recommendations about it? I am thinking about signing up for it but I was interested in someone else's evaluation of it first.
Russ, I don't know of anyone here that has bought it. We allow posts like this in the classifieds if they pertain to winemaking but offer no recommendations of a product. Make sure to check out your local agriculture extension office as well for local expertise on growing grapes. They can offer very valuable advice.
Thanks, Smurfe - I am going to try to do a little research on this myself before I jump into it. And, thanks for all of your other great advice!!