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Martin Amell

Jul 3, 2018
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I currently have several small seedlings of muscadine grapes doing quite well for now and a few larger plants still in pots.
The question about raised plantings in pots, is it feasible to grow in pots with no bottoms so they'll root well below the raised parts? I'm thinking something like 2x lumber raised perhaps a foot to keep grass and weeds from growing around the stalks. If this is feasible is there a minimum width the raised areas should be, perhaps 2' x 2' or more?
I'm inexperienced at growing grapes, but I am quite excited about the prospect . For now my experience is limited to growing from seeds and the rest is just reading as much as I can and asking questions. My backyard is nice and sunny with plenty of sandy soil here in the Columbia SC area. Every other type of vineing plant seems to do extremely well here, confederate jasmine, poison ivy and anything else that will wrap around anything. In fact just about any vine around here will overtake anything else if I let it. I suspect grapes would be no different.


The Verecund Vigneron
May 9, 2017
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Badacsony wine region. Hungary
I see no reason why this would not work with a 2x2 foot bed as long as not too tall so the deep roots below the raised beds get enough water from the soil (or else, keep the beds well watered). My first concern was having roots above a frost zone... but then I read you were in SC, so don't think this is a problem. :)

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